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Masters of the Universe and VeeFriends Join Forces for Awesome Collaboration

GaryVee Enters Eternia for he has the power!

Mattel Creations will release their new Masters of the Universe Origins x VeeFriends 2-pack on Friday, October 6 at 12:00 p.m. ET. This 2-pack is priced at $45 and will be limited to 3 per order.

From Mattel Creations:

It’s a powerful thing to bring together opposing energies. The Masters of the Universe fans in us love the chaos incarnate of Filmation-era Skeletor. And we’re huge fans of creating the future through positivity, like GaryVee does with his VeeFriends characters. So it makes our universe complete to introduce Skeletor to Skilled Skeleton. Our MOTU Skeletor features faceplates and hands available only in this wickedly special 2-Pack; Skilled Skeleton has swappable hands and glows in the dark.

  • Masters of the Universe Origins™ Skeletor® & VeeFriends™ Skilled Skeleton™ 2-Pack
  • Skeletor includes 3 swappable heads, 5 swappable hands, flex chain, hood, and armor
  • Skeletor also comes equipped with his Sword of Power and Havoc Staff
  • Skilled Skeleton glows in the dark and features 6 swappable hands, hood, and armor
  • Each figure includes “heart” and “rock” hands and 16+ points of articulation
  • Arrives in a custom box with sliding slipcovers and a mini-comic

What’s Inside the 2-Pack

The Masters of the Universe Origins™ Skeletor® & VeeFriends™ Skilled Skeleton™ 2-Pack is a cornucopia of collector’s delights:

  • Skeletor: Comes with three interchangeable faceplates, five swappable hands, the mighty Sword of Power, and Havoc Staff. With 16 points of articulation, this figure is as versatile as it is visually stunning.
  • Skilled Skeleton: This remarkable figure glows in the dark and features six interchangeable hands, a removable hood, and formidable armor. What’s more, it comes with a shareable VeeFriends flex chain and has 10 points of articulation.
  • Mini Comic Strip: The package also includes a mini comic strip that offers deeper insights into the Masters of the Universe universe.

Additional Perks for VeeFriends Holders

If you’re a Series 1 Skilled Skeleton token holder, you not only get a free 2-Pack but also an exclusive Meet.VF call with GaryVee. Series 2 token holders are also not left out—they gain access to this special call.

Check out images in the gallery below or bookmark this link to refresh at noon Eastern on Friday, Oct. 6.

I’ll have a reminder with the pre-order link again the day of! (Maybe after I get my order in)

You can also check out GaryVee unboxing this awesome 2-Pack

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