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By Michael

Every other weekend, I get my son for 48 hours.  Thursday evening to Saturday evening.  A small window to make any sort of impact or influence on his young life.  This weekend was another one of those weekends, and it just seems like it all is weighing down on me more.  I’ve slowly gotten accustomed to him growing up a lot on me in the 12 days between his visits with me, but I can’t stand not knowing my son.  I realized Friday, I didn’t even know what his favorite cartoons were.  I listened to him sing the entire theme song to a show on the Disney Channel, and it just registered with me.  Something so simple was able to hit me like a brick wall.

There are so many things involved in his life I don’t have any influence on, and you can tell he has a lack of male influence.  It eats at me because I feel like I fail him in ways or I let him down.  It’s hard, wanting to give your son the world, allow him to have everything he wants and experience anything and everything he can, and that be limited by courts, rules, his mother, time limits.

It dawned on me today, that Abby is almost the age Canaan was when I finally started getting visitation.  I look at her and see all the things she’s experienced, seen how she’s grown and how she looks at the world with her beautiful wondering eyes, taking in everything.  Canaan used to be that way, but it seems now, that excitement isn’t there, and it makes me wonder about his life, and what goes on.  I would never trade my son or any of my kids for anything in the world, they’re my heart and my purpose in life.  I just wish I felt like I had more of an impact on his.  I just miss him, and I’ll miss him every day for the next 12, looking forward to when I can pick him up again, and then dreading when I have to take him back, but that’s the cycle we’re in right now, and I’m just grateful I have him and am able to have the time I do.

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