Looking Back on AMC Awareness Day 2023

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By Michael

Last year, I shared a post reflecting on AMC Awareness Day and comparing it to our first AMC Awareness Day. I had planned to do the same this year, to analyze and express my emotions. However, I found June to be an emotionally charged month for me, making it difficult to stick to my plans for raising awareness. Instead, I learned to accept that June will always affect me differently due to its significance.

As a parent, I have evolved emotionally with each passing year. In the first year, I was navigating through the shock and raw emotions of the situation. The second year taught me not to expect constant support from everyone, and I realized that Harrison has his core supporters, which is all he needs.

This year, June was different as it encompassed not just AMC Awareness Day but also Club Foot Awareness Month, Scoliosis Awareness Month, and Hip Dysplasia Awareness Month. The accumulation of emotions from the past year made it overwhelming to plan and execute various awareness initiatives.

Instead of overwhelming myself with posting infographics and facts on social media, I chose to take the month slowly and enjoy time with my son and family. It became a time for reflection and emotional processing, understanding the significance of raising awareness for these conditions that are a part of Harrison’s identity.

As a parent to a child with disabilities, I realized that my role as Harrison’s dad, just like with my other children, is a continuous journey of emotional growth and adaptation. Parenting is always evolving, and this journey is no different, just on a different plane.

Despite feeling emotionally drained, I didn’t feel defeated or heartbroken like the previous year. This time, it was an entire month of reflection and awareness efforts. I believe I came out of it stronger, understanding the importance of what June represents to many.

June will always be an emotional month for me, given its significance in raising awareness for various conditions and causes. As I continue on this journey as a parent, I appreciate the opportunity to evolve emotionally and grow alongside my children. Raising awareness is a continuous effort, and I will cherish the significance of this month in our lives.

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