Lin-Manuel Miranda Talks About Disney’s Colombia-Set ENCANTO

by Michael

Disney recently announced a new animated musical film from directors Byron Howard (Tangled) and Jared Bush (Zootopia), titled Encanto, which will feature songs from Emmy, GRAMMY, and Tony Award-winning artist Lin-Manuel Miranda, as part of their upcoming animated film slate.

During an interview with io9, Miranda went into more detail regarding the film, saying that instead of being about one or two heroes who leave the nest to seek adventure, the “intergenerational family” in Encanto is a key part of the story.

This film has been in the works since 2016, and Miranda has been involved since the beginning. “The biggest difference is that I’ve been able to be sort of in since the ground floor. With Moana, I was kind of the last guy hired. And they were really a couple of years into the development of the story before I started working on it.”

Miranda went on to say that the creative team’s goal was to “create a family-friendly story that’s actually about a family.” He added. “One of the things that we really kind of all talked about—all the creators, Charise and Byron and Jared and I—we were like, ‘We really want to tell a family, an intergenerational family story with all the complexity that brings. So often when you get into story mode, it turns into the hero and the quest—and you lose characters, then you lose complexity because everything becomes the quest. And I think what’s been thrilling about this is, since that’s been our mission statement, it’s been really fun to sort of write, you know, musical family dynamics in a really fun and complicated way. I’m really excited for the world to finally see it.

You can check out the teaser for Encanto below, which looks to be another gorgeous film from Disney.

Encanto, Disney’s 60th animated feature film, is slated to open in theaters in November 2021.

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