Kentucky woman stabs cousin after dispute over sex toy

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As someone from Kentucky, it pains me that of all potential family members, this woman had to attack her cousin over a sex toy. A sex toy she had originally borrowed from said cousin that he wanted back.

Are you following?

So basically, I guess this guy was bragging about the awesomeness that is this sex toy. So much so that it intrigued this woman enough to ask if she could borrow it. For whatever reason, the cousin agrees. I guess maybe so he could up his bragging and go, “see?!”

So once this woman gets a taste of this toy, she doesn’t want to give it up. She goes all Gollum on her cousin and not wanting to give up her “precious” to where she stabs the man!

I have SO many questions. 96.378% of them; I do not want to be answered, but I can’t help but wonder one thing:

What kind of sex toy was this thing?!

Here’s the full report from Lexington news station LEX 18.

CORBIN, Ky. (LEX 18) — A Corbin woman is facing several charges, including second-degree assault, after she allegedly stabbed her cousin following an argument over a sex toy.

According to an arrest citation, an officer was dispatched to Mitchell Hill Road on Saturday afternoon in reference to a stabbing. It states Crystal Denham called 911 stating she stabbed her cousin, Michael Barton, who is also her neighbor. Denham was sweeping the porch when an officer got to the scene.

Denham told the officer Barton came to her home and they got into an argument over the sex toy. She borrowed it and he said he wanted it back. The citation says she told him to get off her property, and when he grabbed her by the elbow, she used the kitchen knife she was holding in her hand to stab him.

Barton’s injuries were considered minor and he refused medical treatment. He told the officer Denham began “acting crazy” and she stabbed him when he went to leave.

When the officer told Denham she was under arrest, the citation says Denham started to yell and said she wasn’t going to jail. The officer pulled out a taser and according to the citation, she “formed a fist with each of her hands, bladed her body in a fighting stance, swelled her chest out, and began approaching” the officer. The officer stepped to the side and pushed Denham to where she became compliant and placed under arrest.

Denham was charged with second-degree assault, second-degree disorderly conduct, menacing, and resisting arrest.


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