It’s Green Eggs and Ham 50th Anniversary – Go buy an app!!

by Michael

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“Do you like green eggs and ham?” was first asked 50 years ago, on September 12th, 1960, and came from a bet between the author and his editor.  Now, in 2010, not only can you go out and buy the book and read it to your child, your child can listen to being read to them while interacting with the images in a way that no one could have ever imagined when the 50-word story originally hit the stands.

Oceanhouse Media, Inc are the people to thank, for bring the genius of Dr. Seuss to the “iBaby Generation” as an app for the iPhone and iPad.  I’ve written about some of the great apps that they have brought us, allowing for a reintroduction of our favorite Dr. Seuss stories on a whole new medium, so why post again?  To bring attention not only to the Green Eggs and Ham app but to bring attention to all 17 Dr. Seuss related apps from the geniuses behind Oceanhouse Media, Inc, because they are dropping the price of their award-winning apps by 50% for a limited time starting today!

Oceanhouse Media’s Dr. Seuss related apps currently available in the App Store are:

  • Green Eggs and Ham eBook
  • The Cat in the Hat eBook
  • Dr. Seuss’s ABC eBook
  • One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish eBook
  • Yertle the Turtle eBook
  • Hop-On Pop eBook
  • The Lorax eBook
  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas! eBook
  • Oh, the Places You’ll Go! eBook
  • Gertrude McFuzz eBook
  • The Big Brag eBook
  • Dr. Seuss Camera – The Cat in the Hat Edition
  • Dr. Seuss Camera – The Grinch Edition
  • Up With A Fish! kid’s game
  • Lorax Garden kid’s game
  • Grinchmas! kid’s game
  • Dr. Seuss Senders card deck

Not familiar with the apps from Oceanhouse Media, Inc?  Well here is a little overview of the different types of apps available:

Each interactive eBook combines the beautiful original artwork of Dr. Seuss with innovative features that promote reading in young children, including highlighted picture / word associations, professional narration with word highlighting and custom background audio. These apps have won numerous awards from Parent’s Choice Foundation and Children’s Technology Review and have received critical acclaim from users and journalists worldwide.

Dr. Seuss Camera apps allow users to create unique and whimsical photo cards using the iPhone’s built-in camera or Photo Library. Users can pose with or choose to become characters from the books. Cards can be personalized with comical and colorful stamps, borders and classic Seussian text and then e-mailed to friends and family or saved to the Photo Library.

Three addictive Dr. Seuss games are available. Up With A Fish! is a fun kid’s stacking game in which players help the Cat in the Hat stack falling objects atop his tower of fish bowls. Lorax Garden allows kids to design and build their own trees and flowers in real-time 3D in order to repopulate the world’s Truffula tree forests. And Grinchmas is a fun, casual game of skill and accuracy, which topped the charts in the App Store last holiday season.

Finally, the Dr. Seuss Senders app contains 100 cards with fun Seussian quotes and sayings that can be sent to anyone in need of inspiration, cheering up or just a smile for the day. Greetings from categories such as love, get-well, congratulations, etc. can be saved to your photo library or emailed to your little ones, grandkids, co-workers, parents, teachers and friends. For less than the price of a single, paper greeting card users get the entire set of 100 Dr. Seuss Senders in a single app.

If you’ve read my reviews before, you know I can’t suggest these apps enough.  I love them, not only for me but for my kids, and my niece and nephew, and the time I’m able to have with each of them playing around with these apps, reading the stories, and interacting with the images.  As an added bonus, have found its turning into a gateway to getting kids that have played with the apps, to want to sit down and look at the “old-fashioned” paper bounded books that we all grew up with.

For more information on these products and direct links to the App store, please visit

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