I’m Pining Over the ‘Binging with Babish’ Cookware

by Michael

So when it comes to cooking personalities, I feel like personality-wise I’m some weird mix between Alton Brown and Andrew Rea from Binging with Babish, but without all the cooking prowess. With feeling that type of connection (in my head) I, of course, want to surround myself with my fellow brethren.**  With that, I must admit I’m currently pining over the yet-released Binging with Babish cookware. I’m talking about pots, pans, knives, tiny whisks, and more, all with the Babish logo, which straight out looks like it could be my own personal logo!

You’re likely thinking to yourself (if you’ve read this far) that I’m pining over this stuff simply because I too am a bald man with a beard and glasses. While you’re not wrong, you’re also not right (not entirely). I truly enjoy Binging with Babish, as I was introduced to it thanks to my wife, in part because of the similar appearance. The man has shown similar interests that I share, and while I’m not nearly as talented enough to create a Borg Cube out of gingerbread, in the video below Rea mentions how he typically insists on people watch Into the Spiderverse in his theater, which I would be 100% the same if I had a theater in my home. He also refers to his organizational skills as being akin to that of a child with their toys, and I truly felt that in my soul.

I’m not really a complicated guy, I enjoy the things I enjoy, but when I have my geeky side interact with my love of cooking and food, it’s a wonderful bliss. Rea doesn’t hide his love of things, the geeky and the non-geek. I mean the man has a tattoo of the Frasier skyline logo! Honestly, at the end of the day, I enjoy being able to support creators I follow and enjoy. I’m able to do that with Alton, and now I get to wait impatiently, pining away at that glorious Babish cookware, that I hope I’m able to add to my new tiny kitchen in 2021.
(Here’s hoping, as I missed out on the previous limited run of tiny whisks)

**I’m opening this post sounding really creepy, and while I’m not THIS creepy, I’m choosing to leave it as-is.

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