HBO Max is Finally on Roku, Today!

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By Michael

Between the recent Roku OS update giving people with an Apple device a workaround, and the upcoming slate of movies coming to HBO Max, this became not so much a question of if, but of when.  Today, December 17th is that ‘when’ as HBO Max is now available to Roku devices through Roku’s Channels Store.

Roku and WarnerMedia finally reached an agreement on HBO Max coming to the Roku platform – it just took seven months is all.

It’s crazy to think that Roku has 46 million active user accounts, and HBO Max has been an unattainable desire since its launch.  The terms of the deal between the two have not been disclosed. Between the aforementioned workaround, and movies such as Wonder Woman 1984, which is coincidentally hitting the streaming service next Friday, premiering on the platform, one can guess someone finally just told them that they could work together or just continue to hurt one another.  Per Variety, both sides claimed they were pleased with finally resolving their differences, which sounds to me like both sides finally just sucked it up and accepted fate.

So finally, all my Roku brethren, we can enjoy HBO Max as it was meant to be enjoyed: on our televisions, from our couch, and turned up to drown out our teenagers screaming into their gaming headsets from the other end of the house. (No, this is not strangely specific)

With the slate of films in 2021 that will be debuting here in the U.S. both on HBO Max and concurrently in theaters, this pairing that has been a long time coming, puts the Wonder Twins to shame.

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