Good Eats: The Return Coming to Discovery+

by Michael

Alton Brown took to his social media channels to announce that new episodes of Good Eats: The Return are set to premiere on Discovery+ on February 18th.

Good Eats: The Return originally aired on Food Network, in 2019, revisiting previous episodes of Good Eats, with new scenes and recipes due to advancements in techniques and knowledge.

Greetings #GoodEats Fans: Starting 2/18 new episodes of #GoodEatsTheReturn will premiere exclusively on discovery+ If…

Posted by Alton Brown on Tuesday, February 9, 2021

All previous episodes of Good Eats, Good Eats: Reloaded, and Good Eats: The Return are already available on Discovery+.

Based on responses on Brown‘s Instagram and Facebook posts, not a lot of people are fans of this show going exclusively to the new streaming app.  That sentiment isn’t isolated to only new episodes of Good Eats, as other Food Network staples are being moved to the new streaming platform, in an attempt to draw people over.

While I understand some people’s frustrations, I’m going, to be honest: since the announcement, our household now has Discovery+.  What can we say?  We likes what we likes!

You can check out the ‘tiny taste’ of things to come in the video below:

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