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By Michael

Enter stage left: Cornbread Hemp Full Spectrum CBD Gummies. I was skeptical at first, I mean, aren’t these just glorified candies? But oh boy, was I wrong! I wish I had come across Cornbread Hemp sooner than I had. In the month leading up to our little guy’s hip surgery a few weeks back, I started looking more at my mental and emotional health. This is something I for sure should have done months before I even did. It’s impossible to deny things have been a rollercoaster since his birth, but hey, better late than never, right?

While reading and considering my options, I noticed an influx of ads for a local company on the radio and looked into it more.

Cornbread Hemp is a Kentucky-based company offering high-quality, full-spectrum, flower-only CBD products from Kentucky-grown hemp. Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, they are the #1 rated CBD company in the Bluegrass State. While shopping around on their site, I went with their Full Spectrum Organic Berry CBD Gummies.

These vegan, gluten-free gummy wonders are all kinds of overachieving greatness. As gummies alone go, Cornbread Hemp’s soft, fruity flavor, along with their sugar-dusted wonder, makes them some of the best-tasting gummies I’ve ever had. They could market these gummies without offering their 10mg of CBD and 0.5 THC per serving and still have a stellar product in the gummy market. (Before asking, yes, I feel I’m fully qualified to give advice regarding the gummy market.) Again, I’ve never taken CBD before, so I can’t speak on Cornbread Hemp’s products compared to others. I can tell you that they have the highest level of THC and minor cannabinoids, and once I had these gummies in hand and started taking them, I could tell a difference within a week.

I forgot them 1-2 nights about halfway through my 15 days and could tell I hadn’t had them that next day. With the gummies, I wasn’t just falling asleep better but waking up more refreshed and rested than I had been in recent weeks, even months. The improvement in rest alone helped improve my mental and emotional state without question.

Isn’t it just like me to forget to take my gummies? Classic, right? But boy, could I feel the difference the next day. Waking up was like dragging an anchor through sand, and then trying to use said anchor as a pillow. Not the best feeling in the world, folks.

But with the Cornbread Hemp CBD Gummies? Now, that’s a different story altogether. Picture this: You’re falling asleep as if on a fluffy cloud of dreams, and waking up like Sleeping Beauty after Prince Charming’s kiss – refreshed, revitalized, and ready to sing a duet with the nearest songbird. That’s been my experience and trust me, I’m no princess.

Now you might be thinking, “What about the mental and emotional state? Surely, it couldn’t have been that significant?” Well, my skeptical friend, you’d be wrong. The improvement was not only noticeable, it was as if a fog had been lifted. And let me tell you, it’s been a while since I’ve had such a clear view.

Here’s the scoop. When your sleep improves, everything else follows suit. Your mood, your focus, your overall wellbeing. It’s like the domino effect but in a good way. And these gummies, they were my first domino.

Now, I’m not saying Cornbread Hemp CBD Gummies are the answer to all life’s problems. Far from it. But they sure did help me get a better night’s sleep and I don’t know about you, but I’d call that a pretty big win.

So go ahead, give ’em a try. You never know, you may just find yourself waking up ready to conquer the world… or at least, make it through the day without needing five cups of coffee.

I avoid melatonin because I always feel like I have to wake up from a fog in the morning. I had no such fog when I had taken Cornbread Hemp’s gummies the night before. I had trouble getting to sleep on those couple of nights when I missed them. I tossed, turned, and woke up with headaches the next morning from grinding my teeth from stress all night.

I’m currently out as I haven’t taken the time to purchase another bottle. I can already tell a difference in my sleeping patterns. I would consider looking at other CBD companies, but the fact Cornbread Hemp is just up the road in Louisville, the next CBD products I buy will 100% be from them. Not only because I’m Kentucky Proud but because I have no reason to go anywhere else. (I’d rather keep the money in-state anyway).

Cornbread Hemp Full Spectrum CBD Gummies





  • Uses Flower-Only™ CBD from USDA certified organic Kentucky hemp flowers
  • Vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO gummies
  • Natural flavors using USDA organic blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries


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