The Coca-Cola 2020 Christmas Commercial will Get you Straight in the Feels

I am a giant fan of Oscar winner Taika Waitit, but the man got me deep in the feels with his heart-warming Coca-Cola 2020 Christmas commercial.

I admit; I’m a giant sap for anything that’s “fatherhood” related.  Father and son reunion: tears.  Father and daughter moment: tears.  Father doing fatherly things for his kids: tears.  You get the idea. So this year’s Coca-Cola Christmas commercial gets me and gets me hard at the very end.  The two-and-a-half minute commercial follows a dad, who works at an oil rig, trying against all odds to deliver his daughter’s letter to Santa.  Dad finally makes it to the North Pole, but finds that it is “Closed for Christmas”.

Thankfully, a trusty Coca-Cola truck all decked out in Christmas lights, and driven by Santa himself, shows up and rescues the Dad, and ensuring that the daughter gets exactly what she wished for, for Christmas.

Coca-Cola 2020 Christmas Commercial

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