BlenderBottle Announces New Officially-Licensed Marvel Koda Jugs

Because even Avengers need to stay hydrated.

by Michael

BlenderBottle has yet again found a way to tempt this dad-bodded geek!

BlenderBottle alone has great products, but when they add a little extra personality to their bottles with geek-level branding, I’m hard-pressed to pass it up! (Seriously, ask my wife. She literally just said last week that I “need to do something” about “all these shaky cups”.)

The latest temptation from BlenderBottle comes in the form of Officially-Licensed Marvel Koda Jugs.

The Koda Jug is, at its base, a big ole water jug. Measuring at 5.35″ x 10.5″ these big boys hold up to 2.2L! They’re designed to “help hydrate you through a huge workout, a long weekend, or a hectic day ahead.” For those of you looking to hit your daily water quota, this is your best friend. (Funny enough, a friend, or someone to depend on what the name Koda means! Look at those clever BlenderBottlers!)

The Koda Jug is equipped with a carry loop, a sure-grip handle, and a leak-proof screw-on lid with BlenderBottle’s SpoutGuard. It’s a pretty sweet jug honestly, and something that I admit I do not use as often as I should. (I blame my Strada). However, these sleek-looking black mugs with an Avengers logo on it, just might be enticing enough to get me to throw it in my front seat more often.

The current selection of BlenderBottle Marvel Koda Jugs is Captain America, Thor, Hulk, and Iron Man. There is no explanation why Tony Stark is the only one to have his signature on the design. I get it that the Thor and Hulk jugs literally have their names on them already, but you’re tellin’ me Cap was too busy for a quick little John Hancock? Come on!

BlenderBottle’s Officially-Licensed Marvel Koda Jugs are now available to purchase on BlenderBottle’s website and will cost you $19.99 apiece.

I’m now off to fill up my current Koda Jug so I have a valid reason to pick up one of these bad boys!

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