‘BINGING WITH BABISH’ Babish Cookware Releasing March 30th!!

by Michael

I’ve not been shy about my love and desire to have a kitchen full of a bald and beared man branding, aka Binging with Babish’s Babish Cookware.  Thankfully my impatience is about to pay off, as, via his Instagram, Andrew Rea has announced the release date of his Babish Cookware line to be in just a few days, on March 30th!

That’s right, on March 30, 2021, you can order via the Babish Amazon store an 8″ chef knife, a 3-piece steel prep bowl set, a 10-piece stainless steel measuring cups and spoons, a 2-pice tong set, a 7.5″ Clef Knife, a 3-piece cutlery set, and a 6.5″ santoku knife and tiny whisks!!

The Babish Cookware set is laid out pretty simple and straightforward of Babish’s website:

I’m launching my all-new line of cookware in three phases; starting with everything you need to prep your meals.

I wanted to create a high quality line of products with a price point palatable for everyday chefs. The basics, simply made better.

So do you plan on ordering anything from the Babish line?  I have to admit, outside all the goofy writing, I’m looking forward to ordering a few of these times, I just haven’t decided what those will be just yet.

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