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Masters of the Universe: Revolution is Kevin Smith’s follow-up to his Netflix series Masters of the Universe: Revelations, and it’s packed with Easter eggs, cameos, and world-building that left me wanting more. The biggest bummer? It’s only five episodes! The story’s fast-paced and engaging, and while it could have used an extra episode or two, I understand why it might be shorter. Online negativity towards the previous series likely played a role.

It’s important to remember that “Revolution” isn’t a direct continuation of the 80s Filmation show; it’s a new story inspired by the original. While I enjoyed Smith’s first series, “Revolution” resonated with me even more.

I’m tired of online groups filled with self-proclaimed He-Man “fans” who nitpick and complain about any changes made to established franchises. These folks often forget that storytelling and society evolve. I found myself griping about those so-called fans in my previous reviews of “Revelation“, but I’m not doing that here as “Revolution” offers some exciting elements, including (spoiler-free):

  • Skeletor’s origin story blends elements from various sources.
  • References to the live-action Dolph Lundgren movie, are now canon within this universe.
  • Hints at a potential connection to She-Ra, which is owned by Dreamworks.
  • Character evolution for Teela, Evil-Lyn, and Man-At-Arms.
  • A seamless blend of magic and technology, which is a core element of the franchise.
  • A subtle homage to the previous canceled Netflix series.

The animation, character designs, and story are all fantastic, and I especially appreciate the world and universe-building. I get that some viewers might prefer the campy nature of the original, but “Revolution” offers a more mature and enjoyable experience for adult fans who grew up with the franchise.

My advice? Watch “Masters of the Universe: Revolution” with an open mind. Whether you enjoyed the previous series or not, I believe you’ll find enjoyment in this nostalgic return for adults.

Despite its limited runtime, ‘Masters of the Universe: Revolution’ takes viewers on a thrilling and nostalgic journey. I found myself fully invested in the characters and world, and I can’t wait to see where the story goes next. If you’re an adult fan of the Masters of the Universe franchise, and even if you weren’t a huge fan of the previous series, I highly recommend giving ‘Revolution’ a chance. You might just be surprised at how much you enjoy it.

Masters of the Univers: Revolution is now streaming on Netflix.

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