A Man Card-Carrying Sap – The Movie Oblivion Got Me (Somehow)

by Michael

I’m starting to debate if I need to rip up my man card or not.  I’ve turned into the biggest sap on the planet.
Prime example:  I just finished watching the movie Oblivion with Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman.  Now if you don’t want to know about the film I’d quite reading as there will be a few spoilers.
To give a quick recap for those of you reading and not knowing what the movie was about.  When you’re introduced to Cruise’s character, all you are told is he’s a guy that works on these drones that patrol what is left of a destroyed Earth.  Through the process of the film you learn everything Cruise thought he knew was a lie, he ends up being one of the thousands of clones, yada yada yada, you know how it is.  Morgan Freeman gets to wear cool sunglasses, sport a nice white goatee, smoke a cigar, and be all Morgan Freeman badass.  You know, how he does.  So at the end of the movie, Cruise’s character makes the whole noble sacrifice to save the human race, but also in the process saves his wife, who he had just met and learned who she was, because he had his memory erased, cause he’s a clone, but still has fragments of memories, you know, same old formula.  So the movie ends with narration from Cruise, and it’s been 3 years since he saved the earth from HAL 9000’s sister.  We see his wife, with a small girl, obviously her and Cruise’s character’s daughter.  Well just knowing this part I get sappy, but then they show another of the clones, who you are to assume also has these memory fragments so he recognizes his wife.  The little girl points and asks her mommy who the man is, who is obviously her father (or a clone of her father.  Honestly this film’s clone crap is more convoluted than the Clone Saga from the Spider-Man comics)  When the little girl asks who the man is, and then they show Cruise, who has a look of acknowledgment to his eyes, I seriously freaking teared up!  I kid you not!!
And for all those asking, no I do not have a vagina, and yes I have checked.  The last 2 minutes of a sci-fi film, admittedly not a bad sci-fi film, regardless of my description, made me tear up like a woman watching The Notebook.  Obviously, I need to go outside and chop some wood or go kill an animal or something just to compensate.
Actually all jokes aside, that type of stuff gets to me, more-so now, but it always has, especially since my baby girl was born.  Any type of fatherly moment, especially a father/daughter type thing, even something like what’s shown at the end of Oblivion, makes me a big sap.  I don’t know, sometimes I wonder if I’m too emotional and if I should shut some of that out.  It makes me feel weak at times.  Fortunately, these moments are typically not around other people.  So hopefully I can keep hold of my man card for just a bit longer.

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