2021 New Year’s Resolutions

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By Michael

So I went digging the other day and came across a rather “wordy” post I did a decade ago, aptly titled: “2011 New Year’s Resolutions” over on my original WordPress blog.  While I didn’t go into things very elaborately, (read: at all) I did give a list of resolutions. I found them curious and decided to look back on these and see how well they fit for a list of resolutions for 2021.  So let’s look back at my 2011 resolution list, and see where things stand a decade later.

Get Organized

Yeah, that was a lofty goal back in 2011!  It still a rather lofty goal for 2021.  I have a creative mind, and I’m not known for being overly organized.  While I feel I’m in a mostly better place with that now compared to how I was back then, I still have acres of room for improvement.  At this point though, lacking organization is just part of my charm.

Save some money/budget

Also simply striving to save money.  I could do better these days, I admit.  I’m no Dave Ramsey, I’m not debt-free, but I do so much better and I’m in so much better shape now, than I was then.  If I was to change or update this one, it would likely be to continue improving and rebuilding my credit.

Never let words go unsaid

Have to say, this is not an issue these days!  Communication between Jenna and I is perfect and amazing and I don’t feel I’ve ever left anything unsaid.  So no need for this one, carrying on…

Become someone that does, rather than someone that responds

Just about as clear as mud that one is, isn’t it?  Essentially I think I was wanting to be someone that takes more initiative and being in front of things. Taking charge. Being on offense versus always playing defense.  While sure, there’s still room for improvement, I’m much better regarding this than I was 10 years ago.

Get back into shape

Because this isn’t already documented here on the site or anything!  Let’s just skip the pleasantries and move this to the top of the list! COVID may have thrown a wrench into getting fit by 40, but nothing is stopping me from getting there by 41.

Read to my kids more

So this one clearly came with an expiration date.  With both kids being in double digits now, I’m willing to bet that they’d be weirded out if ole Dad tried to start reading to them.  Rather than read to them, let’s update this one to simply text and communicate with the kids more while they’re away.  They’re always on my mind and need to know I’m always here for them, even when they’re with their Moms.

Keep up 2 blogs

With the launch of Fatherhood Reloaded, I’m back up to two active sites.  While building FR, I admit, at best I’m keeping Geekasms semi updated.  What’s worse is that I want to add a third active site to my arsenal this year.  So rather than saying I want to keep up with 2 blogs, let’s change this to finally building a website for my freelance graphic work.  Seems fair, right?

Eat healthier

At one point in time, this was the norm.  Now, not so much, so this is going right up there with getting back into shape.  This ole boy needs to get back to counting calories and eating better!

Drink more water

Another one that can be retired. I was drinking a ton of soda a decade ago.  I think I was probably downing 2-3 Mountain Dews a day.  Not anymore!  It’s all water all the time, with the occasional coffee or energy drink like Bang.  Outside of that, it’s all water.  So we can check that one off the ole list!  It’s actually one I accomplished and have stuck to!

Enjoy life more

Another one that is just ambiguous. (I wasn’t really good at nailing these things down back then!)  While it may be ambiguous, I not only feel like I do, but I know I enjoy life more now compared to back then.  It may have taken me nearly 40 years to figure things out, but I feel like I did to an extent.  I’m in the best place I’ve ever been in my life, emotionally and mentally.  I love my life.  I enjoy my life, and with H.G. coming in a few months, that’s only going to be amplified.

Smile more

Eh, probably should do this, but also; smiling is overrated!  🙂

I can’t help but smile more, so another resolution that is past its prime.

So looking back at resolutions from a decade ago definitely gives you a mixed bag.  Some resolved and some not so much.  1-2 that deserve an update, and we’re golden. At least there are signs that I’m making strides.

So for those of you reading this; are you doing any type of official resolution?  It’s 2021!  We survived and managed to get out of 2020. I feel that’s all the accomplishment you need this year!

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